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Planning a 2021 wedding? Here are 4 questions you should ask

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Planning a 2021 wedding? Here are 4 questions you should ask
Planning a 2021 wedding? Here are 4 questions you should ask

Worry about dress alterations, venues, honeymoons, and invitations? Not to worry, we are a very important blog here. We will discuss all topics in detail.

We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic hit wedding planning more and it made weddings more complicated. In the past 10 months, many couples have had to cancel or postpone their planned celebrations, and many lots of wondering what 2021 has in store.

If you are one of them who are planning their wedding next year, we can understand your mind is as likely as not spinning with questions right now or should I postpone my wedding to 2022?. From starting about dress modifications/alternations and venues to save the date and honeymoon inquiries, there’s a lot to think about, so, here we are how you can handle wedding planning in the new year.

1. When should I start bridal alterations?

Dress alteration is an important part of the wedding planning timeline. But exactly you don’t know when your wedding celebration is going to take place, yes it is hard to when you should start the process. Every bride is different and some select to go for multiple fittings in the months up to their big day.

Here is the list of some amazing lehenga’s that will go best for every bride:

We advise every bride to start with alterations at least 6-8 weeks before her wedding events dates. We understand that things might stop that and ask for additional fees for alteration if you need an alteration in hurry.

If you are planning your wedding early in 2021 and don’t want to be left with an ill-fitting wedding dress, you can go normal and just keep an open line of communication with your tailoress leading up to the event. The same thing goes for bridesmaid’s dress alterations.

Have your wedding date shifted then talk about your requirements with the alterations manager and they will help you. How to manage everything.

And if your wedding date does not change and you’ve already completed your bridal alterations, don’t be panic! Alteration experts are champions in their work and will try their best to make sure that your dress fits as well as possible on your new wedding date.

We can always take in or let out your dress! Various elements such as the style, composition of the dress, and join allowances will play a factor in the amount of variation that can be done. But alterations experts can work with you to make sure you look and feel your best on your wedding day.

2. What questions should I ask my wedding venue?

Are you planning a 2021 wedding and still have not selected a wedding venue. You should be prepared with some important questions as you tour potential locations. Locking in your wedding venue and signing a contract can make the whole engagement process feel more “real”, but don’t forget to ask what plans they have in place in terms of safety measures and social distancing first. Ask if there is any liability on dates in case you need to reschedule your wedding and think about wedding insurance.

Wedding insurance is an improbably important step in the planning process as it safe a couple’s investment from situations beyond their control. Nevertheless, each policy and supplier offers different types of coverage, and each contract with a wedding professional will probably have different conditions for these kinds of circumstances. Couples should read through their contracts in-depth to understand what their options are in consider to change to their wedding.

If you already booked a venue and not sure about how your celebration will glance in the age of COVID-19, you might feel a bit anxious. So, the venue you have chosen should be supported in this COVID-19 situation and offers any guidance you might need.

We uplift all couples to work with their venues to compute the health and safety of their guests as they pursue to plan their 2021 weddings. It is very important to discuss all options and interface with vendors about how health and safety estimates will be included in the reception.

Having to postpone your celebration isn’t perfect, but if it comes to that point, rest self-assured that most venues are working firmly with engaged couples to reschedule to a more suitable date.

We advised couples to be flexible and work closely with their vendor team to decide the best choice for their celebration, even if searching for a new date.

3. How do I handle to save the dates? And what if I need to downsize my guest list?

Generally, couples send out save the date cards 4-6 months before their wedding day and about 7-8 months for a destination wedding. Those protocol rules have of course changed for couples planning a wedding at the time of COVID-19, and you may be thinking about: Should I still send out save-the-date cards.

A one-size-fits-all timeline really not to be applied given the situations with COVID-19, Generally, I still send out save the dates four or five months in advance, if you have faith you will be moving forward with the big day in some way.

Discussed with your guests is may a solution, so if you do send out save-the-date cards, ensure to spell things out clearly and should be in detail as possible.

Let’s take an example, instead of saying, We can’t wait to celebrate with you, you can say, we hope to be able to celebrate with you in March! You can also mention if the wedding is indoor or outdoor.

4. Can I still plan my honeymoon?

Yes, we all know a romantic honeymoon is a great way to celebrate your newlywed status but many couples are not sure about how to plan a honeymoon during the pandemic. With a lot of unpredictability around travel, there is a big question Can you still plan a honeymoon in 2021?

My biggest advice for couples thinking about a honeymoon in 2021 is to be flexible. As we all still seeing a lockdown for some countries. We are seeing a lot of countries that are forbidding travel from specific countries and that cover from the U.S.

And if you feel better about booking something now to lock in your travel dates, I would like to suggest you purchase travel insurance so you don’t have to worry about losing money.

Actually, travel insurance is always suggested, whether you’re planning a honeymoon in the middle of a pandemic or not.

It may be beneficial to save your big plans for a later time when traveling is no longer a health risk. But only because you’re saving the honeymoon of your dreams for a future date doesn’t mean you can go for a mini-moon, somewhere local I suggest you go for a road trip or another place like a national park, beach or forest.

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