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What Makes A Baniya Wedding So Extravagant ?

The Baniya community is a prominent business, private sector, and education sect in the India. They are known for their extravagant wedding celebrations, which are the stories that tabloids consist of. Baniyas are also not limited to only expanding their wealth during peacetime; they have a huge role to playin the government and agriculture sectors as well. The Baniya wedding ceremony is known for its beautiful women dressed in heavy-designed sarees and embroidered designer lehenga cholis, along with men wearing sherwanis and expensive branded suits with various colors.

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What makes a Baniya wedding different from other Indian marriages?

If you've ever wondered what makes Baniya weddings so unique, read below for a few of the things you won't find in any other wedding!

Shagun Envelopes!

Baniyas use shagun envelopes as gifts or wedding favors for their guests. Once the ceremony is over, they offer them to their guests.

Godh Bharai Ceremony

Following the teeka ceremony, the bride is escorted by her family and friends in a procession to the celebration venue. The groom's family members also join in on the procession with baskets and trays containing gifts for the bride. These gifts are placed around her lap during dinner.


The Baarat is traditionally a grand procession, often done in a horse-drawn carriage, where the groom and his friends travel from their home to the new house of the bride. Both families gather at the door, bringing along food and gifts for the groom’s family, and this ceremony is called Milni.

Laghana Lekhan

The Laghana Lekhan is a segment of the wedding ceremony that is done before the Saptapadi or seven-step marriage vows. This ceremony is held at the bride's house and those in attendance will be only close friends and family members of the bride. The time of this blessing for the wedding ceremony is called Shubha Laghana Lekhan.

The late-night muhurats

Late night ceremonies are common in North India. In Baniya culture, it's standard to have the ceremony at 1 am. It's a nearly round-the-clock celebration.

Giving and receiving wedding gifts

A few days before the wedding day, the bride and groom's families exchange gifts. They are not permitted to participate in this tradition because it would be considered bad luck for the engaged couple.

As a wedding officiant, I've seen firsthand that long wedding rituals tend to make people feeling uninterested and bored. For me, it's about keeping the ritual short and sweet so guests can enjoy themselves.

Long Wedding Rituals

When it comes to weddings, Baniyas know what they're doing. They won't do this on a small scale or with an intimate party, because that's not how Baniyas operate. They get engaged at least two months in advance with high-end matrimonial services for families. This is to ensure that the marriage consultants are there to support them through the wedding journey, from beginning to end.

Bhaat Functions

Bhaat is an important bride-related custom observed in Baniya weddings. Dressing up for the occasion, the ladies of the house play a vital role in the wedding. Traditionally, both the bride and her family give extravagant gifts to the groom before the event. A few days before the ceremony, both sides visit each other's home to arrange everything for the big day.

Wedding Folks By Ladies

Traditional Indian music always accompanies rituals. During every ceremony, the ladies of the household gather in one place to sing some wedding songs. These songs often entice the bride and groom, and relatives play the drums to keep time as they dance all night. At haldi, mehendi, and Sangeet ceremonies, Bollywood tracks top the charts.

Glitter and Glamour are great ways to feel good about yourself

Though many people believe that wearing plain clothes is the Baniya style it’s not true. Women from the Bandiya community wear fancy clothes and carry expensive jewelry. Even male members of this community dress up in a way that make women challenge each other.

Tel Baan and Haldi

A Tel Baan ceremony takes place before a wedding and the groom and wife-to-be are prepared together. The ceremony is usually held on the day before the wedding will take place, but in more traditional families it may be a few days before. The ceremony involves applying herbs mixed with mustard oil, fresh curd, henna, and turmeric to the groom and bride.

Gifts for Visiting Guests

At a Baniya wedding, every guest is served delicious snacks. These are known as “bhaji” and include things like laddoos, jalebi, and namakpare.

This concludes the article

Baniya weddings are electric and filled with color. Baniyas are always trying new things, and they really know how to put on a great party. If you haven't attended a Baniya wedding yet, we've got just the thing for you - an invitation!

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