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"If Marriages Are Made In Heaven, We Are The Messengers!"

RVD Matrimonial Services

Contact VIP genuine profiles with 100% verified mobile numbers

RVD Matrimonial Services

Highest number of documented marriages online

RVD Matrimonial Services

Highest number of documented marriages online

One the most trusted elite matrimony 

RVD Matrimonial Services

Good Office And Great Leaders Make A Perfect Match!!!

Find your perfect match according to your community like Agarwal, Arora, Brahmin, Jain, Kayastha, Nair, Reddy, Rajput, Sindhi, Baniya, Khatri, etc. 

  • 100% Secure Elite Matrimonial Site

  • Trusted by millions of people

  • 100% verified mobile numbers

  • A huge database of profiles can help you find the right match

  • Providing trusted services from 1965.

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Contact Today With Indian's Most Trusted Elite Matrimonial Site

With lakhs of profile in your community that will help you in finding your best VIP match!


A Little About Us

"If Marriages Are Made In Heaven, We Are The Messengers!"

The responsibility of RVD Matrimonial Services is to connect people who are matchmaking in heaven.
We have our in-house experts with a keen knowledge in Indian cultures, and marriages. Our continuous training and exploration about Indian tradition make our personnel the best help for you during marriage activities.
Our online elite matrimonial services serve a huge array of Indian cultures and religions including Elite, VIPs, Rajput's, Sikhs, Brahmins, Marwaris, and Agarwal's to name a few.

We are Most Trusted Elite Matrimony Service, has helped Millions like you find matches from across different communities such as Agarwal, Brahmin, Marwari, Kayastha, Jain, Khatri, Lingayath, Maratha, Nair, Rajput, Reddy.


Thousands have found their life partner at
RVD Matrimonial Services

RVD matrimonial services

Tulja Weds Ankur 

rvd matrimonial services

Sarvesh Weds Aishwarya

rvd matrimonial services

Ronak Doshi Weds Shubhi 

So What Are You Waiting For Find Your Life partner


  • How to register on RVD Matrimonial Services?
    Registration in RVD Matrimonial Services in very easy. Simply follow these steps. Registration on RVD Matrimonial Services follow these steps: 1. Click on “Registration” button shows above the menu. 2. Then one single form will open at front of you. Now just simply fill these details to match your best preference. 3. Then click on Submit button. 4. After that our Client Relationship Execute will contact with you.
  • Is RVD Matrimonial Services safe?
    Well this is very important question. As our clients security is our first priority. So not to worry about any information leak. We mostly follow offline approach in Matrimonial Services. And didn't upload any personal details on the website as well. We never share your contact info without your permission.
  • What are the features of RVD Matrimonial Services?
    There is very easy registration process. Personal Relationship Manager. Who will help you in whole process of finding your best match Detailed study of your personal preferences Handpick matches to suit your preferences Astro Compatibility check Arrange introduction meetings

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Corporate Office

KLJ Noida-One , Tower B-315, 3rd floor Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201309

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Mo. No. : +91-9971567503

Contact No. :  0120-3555658 

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