Let’s take a Tour at these Wedding Traditions around the World

Wedding Traditions around the World

Love may have only one language but it expresses differently everywhere. And every wedding shows the same devoutness and purity, it is actually amazed that it is practiced everywhere.

Let’s have a look at some different wedding prospects around the world...hope you will like it!

1. Releasing Doves, Philippines:

Wedding Traditions around the World

This is a unique and amazing ritual of the Philippines where the wedding is shown when both the couples fly a pair of doves into the sky. This is done after newlywed couples’ oath to love each other forever and kiss each other as a sign of love. Releasing of doves shows peace, serenity, and positivity.

2. Confetti Shower, Italy:

Wedding Traditions around the World

In Italy, wedding guests are showered with confetti which is not rakes of paper but are sugary treats and toffees which made Italian weddings more fun-loving and interesting.

But, in the new era, this ritual has been changed or modified. Now the wedding guests are showered with coriandoli (tiny, colorful scraps of paper).

3. The Sake-Sharing Ceremony, Japan:

Wedding Traditions around the World

Shake-sharing ceremony is particularly performed in Japan, where newlyweds bring together and further bond with both the families. Where newlywed couples share the sake wherein each one of them takes three sips of its drink (contents). This same process is filled by the other family members as well.

4. Log Cutting Test and Polterabend, Germany:

Wedding Traditions around the World

This is the ceremony that makes Germon weddings more funny and sporty. What exactly is this ritual? In this ritual, the bride and groom have to pass through the log-cutting test. And all these things in front of all the guests. This task checks the compatibility of the new couples and also brings them close gifting and their guests with a whole lot of warm memories of the wedding

On the other hand, in the Polterland ritual, friends and family break dishware right in front of the house of the bride and groom before the wedding day.

5. Kransekake, Norway:

Wedding Traditions around the World

It is said that Norway’s wedding is incomplete without the Kransekake ritual. In this ritual, a towering cake in the form of Kransekake is like a show stopper in every single Norway wedding. You will see a beautiful cake with a wine bottle to give the wedding guests a surprise once the entire dessert is hogged down.

6. Exchanging Geese, Korea:

Wedding Traditions around the World

In Korea exchanging geese shows lifetime commitment for the bride and groom. The bride and groom exchange wooden geese or ducks to show their commitment and promise to the whole life. In the past, in Korean weddings, the groom had to gift her mother-in-law with wild geese or duck. This ceremony shows purity and loyalty towards her daughter.

7. The Croquembouche And Eating The Leftovers Tradition, France:

Wedding Traditions around the World

There are two traditions in the France wedding: One is Croquembouche which makes the centerpiece of the wedding hall. In which a tower made of cream-filled pastries which are dipped in a number of sauces and consumed.

The second tradition is Eating The Leftovers Tradition. The leftover food is collected in a toilet-like bowl from which the newlyweds couples should eat to draw in good luck! It makes some kind of memory.

8. Stealing The Groom’s Shoes and Mehendi, India:

Wedding Traditions around the World

If we will talk about Indian ceremonies. Each and every ritual of the Indian wedding is totally different from other world wedding rituals. Some of them are stealing the groom’s shoes and the Mehendi ceremony. This ceremony is full of entertainment. Where the groom enters the mandap and the bride's sister hides his shoes.

In the Mehandi ceremony family, ladies or friends put Mehendi on the bride and groom in both of their hands. Henna is taken as luck and it shows love for the groom toward his bride.

9. Black Wedding Cake, Jamaica:

Wedding Traditions around the World

You can say in Jamaica wedding black cake plays like the star of the show. It is the combination of dry fruits, and nuts with a hint of rum and the same cake you will see during Christmas.

10. The Spit On The Bride Tradition, Kenya:

This is something different and unique ceremony where once the bride and groom declared man and wife. Bride’s father spits on the daughter's head and chest to save her from all the negativity. And blessed her for a good future. That is something different, isn’t it?

11. The Money Dance, Poland:

Wedding Traditions around the World

Here is how newlywed couples of Poland manage to go exotic for their honeymoons. In this interesting money dance ceremony, the guest has to donate money to dance with the bride. Then the maid-of-honor collects these amounts which they can use on their honeymoon.

12. Break The White Bell, Guatemala:

Wedding Traditions around the World

In the Guatemala wedding ceremony, you will see a white bell which consists of flour and rice. The groom's mother breaks open this bell right before the newlyweds enter to wish them luck and prosperity.

13. Ransoming The Bride, Romania:

Ransoming the bride is involved in the groom has to go all heroic/romantic to rescue his bride. In this tradition, the bride’s family hides the bride at some secret place. Then the groom has to search for her and free her from their clutches through money, drinks, or romantic gestures.

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