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Uttar Pradesh wedding Rituals

Like other weddings in India, Uttar Pradesh’s wedding rituals are full of joy. These ceremonies start before the wedding and continue till the big wedding day. With lively colors, a good amount of bling, and a house teeming with the entire sept, relative, and friends, weddings in Uttar Pradesh have a different flavor of their own. If you really want to know more about these amazing rituals of Uttar Pradesh wedding. In Uttar Pradesh weddings start with the Roka ceremony. Appealingly, Roka comes from the Hindu word “Rok” which means stop. Roka is the small function arranged by the family member and basically the groom to announce that they have stopped looking for a match for their daughter/son. Almost Roka is the same as other Hindu wedding rituals, included exchanging sweets, gifts, cash, and jewelry, depending on other traditions in the families. The ceremony is generally attended by close relatives only.

Roka Ceremony (Engagement)

What comes after the Roka is the tilak ritual. Originally, this ceremony gives formal permission to the match to be together forever. Throughout this ceremony, in this ritual, the bride’s father, along with some family members visit the groom’s family and apply tilak on the forehead of the groom. This is the symbol of welcoming the groom into the bride’s family as a son-in-law. Then small pooja (havan) is held in the house to take blessing from God for the bride and groom to start their new journey of life. Tilak is applied by the brother of the bride and another male of the family to show respect and acceptance. And then the groom’s family sends lots of gifts and sweets to the bride’s family.

Indian weddings are like never-ending celebrations with a string of rituals. And here is just we have started, ceremonies that we celebrated like mangni(engagment|), haldi ceremony, Mehendi and then sangeet ceremony then the actual wedding day comes.

Mehndi Ceremony

Mehendi and sangeet function is great fun-loving rituals. All the female members of the house play dholki and singing all the traditional songs and dancing to the song called “ Sneha”.

Sangeet Ceremony

If we talk about D-day and Sneha exhibits a range of emotions. There are lots of customs you will see at the Kanpur wedding.

On the wedding day, the groom and the whole family of the groom take the marriage parade to the bride’s house or the venue of the wedding. Actually, this parade is known as Baraat.

Groom on Ghodi

The groom comes in the Ghodi and leads the Baraat that contains the groom’s family and relatives with a mini band who play the music in which all the Baraati dance. UPite weddings take place late in the night. When the Baraati reaches the venue, they are welcomed by the bride’s family with flowers and rose water is showered on them. This ceremony is known as Milni.

Milni Ceremony

Then the groom and his family enter the wedding hall, then they offered some refreshments and drinks. In the first part of the wedding UP, brides wear lehenga-choli and dupatta, but it is your wish what you want to wear you can also wear some saree type dress. In jewelry, you have to wear some jewelry, chuda, and bichua (toe rings), which are the necessary part of the Kanpur wedding. The first part of the wedding is known as the varmala ceremony in which the bride and groom exchange their garlands. And this ceremony is held in front of all the guests on the stage.

Varmala Ceremony

And one another is ritual is held at this time is known as juta churai which is a very interesting function. And in this groom have to give some cash to the bride cousins to get back the shoes.

Juta Churai Ceremony

Then come to the next part of the wedding, this ceremony is held in the mandap. At the time of the pheras, the priest explained all the importance and values of every single phera.


The bride and groom need to accept each vachan(Promise) for their whole life. And at the end of the pheras, the groom has to apply sindoor to the bride, to show their bond as husband and wife. You will see in most of the wedding sindoor is red. But in UP the sindoor is orange in color. Appealingly, the sindoor is brought by the father-in-law from the temple. It is hidden from the public eye. At the time when the groom applied sindoor to the bride, while a lady who attends to the bride, covers’ bride’s head with yellow cloth.

Groom applying Sindoor to the groom

In UP, one more interesting thing the bride’s father has to wash the feet of the couple after a single phera, and it is a very emotional movement for every bride. Actually, it is the realization that now I have to leave my father from family.

Importance of the orange sindoor. As per Hindu mythology, Once Hanuman Ji saw Sita applying this sindoor and Hanuman Ji asked Sita is why she applied this daily on her forehead. Sita Ji told him that it was for the well being of her husband. As we know hanuman Ji also the devotee of Lord Ram, so from that day he also started bathed in orange-colored sindoor to shows devotion toward Ram Ji. That’s why you will see Hanuman Ji in orange color. Most of the UP weddings take place in the winter, you will see lots of delicious vegetarian food such as kheer, gajar ka halwa, shahi paneer, different types of paratha, jalebi, and many more. You will also see fast food stalls for golgappey, pizza, etc.

Next morning you will see the vidaai ceremony, which is the toughest part for all the girls and a very emotional time. Where she has to leave her parent’s house and have to go with the groom to the groom’s home.

Vidaai Ceremony

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