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Things You Should Not Do When Planning Your Destination Wedding

Updated: Feb 15

planning a destination wedding during covid

Today's topic is things you should not do when planning a destination wedding Covid!

1. Believe the hype.

You choose to have a steamy destination wedding and you are prepared to do your research. You create your first list of destinations and resorts. You read all the reviews online. Now you are even more demented. You then decided to see directly at the resort’s websites and now every resort seems like a 5-star and better than the last. The fact is they are not. The problem is that even a 3-star resort with a good marketing team can give the appearance that they are the best resort in the destination. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Planning a 2021 wedding? Here are 4 questions you should ask
  • What location would you like your ceremony in?

  • Where would you like your welcome, cocktails, and reception?

  • Is there something special that you are searching for in a resort-like sushi bar, swim-up bar, free spa therapy, 24-hour room service? Do you want a resort that provides top-shelf alcohol, or that has minibars in the rooms?

  • What kind of wedding packages does the resort provide?

planning your destination wedding during covid

Now that you have some answers you can contact the resorts directly and request this information. You can also look for real destination wedding pictures on online platforms. Or what we demonstrate is that you search for an experienced travel planner that is experienced in destination weddings. They can tell you the reality of a single resort you are interested in and maybe indicate a few that they have specialized in working with.

2. Get frustrated.

You have reduced the list and distinct to email the resorts directly and ask for more debrief. It has been 3 days and you still have not received anything from them other than the self-operating email telling you how necessary your wedding is and they will be back to you in 24 hours. So you figure out to call the resort and you are transferred to a voicemail where you leave your information, but a few days go by and no one calls you back. Don’t get infuriated as this can be the norm at many resorts. The problem is that in many instances the person you want to talk with might just be the same person that commands the weddings at the resort. They will acknowledge you but it just takes longer than you might await.

3. Plan on a faraway expensive resort.

When you are thinking about where you want to host your wedding, you should first think about the guests you are tempting. You should observe where they live, how long they can take off from work to sort out your wedding, and what you think most guests can afford to spend. Many times couples think about non-native locations like St. Lucia or Tahiti or Hawaii, which are all astonishing places but they are all very far from most guests and cost to get to.

4. Pick a resort that is too inexpensive.

This is not always the case but more often than not, a cheap resort generally also means lower quality. They may need bracelets or wristbands for your guests that are based on the type of room they book. These bracelets can control what pools they can swim at, how many towels they can have, the restaurants they eat at, and the bars they can drink in. Low-priced resorts generally offer lower quality food and will have the seniority of their restaurants as buffets while controlling how many times the guests can devour at a full-service restaurant. They will commonly serve brands of alcohol at bars that you have never perceived.

5. DIY.

It is feasible to plan your own destination wedding if you’re someone who is very managed, has a lot of time on their hands, and has experience correlating large group events. But even then, there’s really no reason to take on that add up stress for your wedding, considering that there are destination wedding travel experts who will do all the work for you and they will make planning a destination wedding stress-free and fun!

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