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Things That Happen Only At A South Indian Wedding

Updated: Feb 15

In India, every culture, tradition, and community has a different way of celebrating weddings and other rituals. South Indian Weddings have different ways of celebrating a wedding with emotions, fun, and traditions. You will love to be an Indian when you are at the South Indian Wedding wondering how beautiful your country is with all its cultural vibe! Here are a few things that only happened in the South Indian Wedding.

We love to have it the “Admirer Way!” Lights...Camera...Smile!!

Well, we all also called it a selfie!!

This another moment where people swamp or drench bride with happiness, colored water, and what not!

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The Oonjal tradition is a unique tradition of the south Indian wedding.

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It is the best thing where our south Indian men melt or would kill for, it’s the sight of a girl shy and look down, letting the complete world know she is in love.

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This is an incredible ritual. South Indian women hit the “Swaram” so accurate, your “Pop” would you have to pop those pills and want to go flat. You need millions of ears to hear our women sing at our South Indian Weddings!

Happiness will have to learn how to strike create from us!

Well, when south Indian comes to judge the sense of fun! They are taking it to heights!