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11 Amazing Kerala Wedding Customs That Will Definitely Take Your Heart!

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

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Kerala weddings are a perfect example of grace, elegance, and filled with simplicity. Kerala weddings are also known as Nair Weddings. These weddings do not have lengthy rituals. These are very simple and elegant. Seriously these rituals will take your heart away. From Nischayam Ceremony to Graha Pravesh show yourself with some amazing costumes of the Kerala weddings!

So, let’s start from the first ritual

1. The Nischayam Ceremony

Once the pastor gestures to the wedding after astrology. Families decide a date for this ceremony. What this ceremony is. A Nischayam ceremony is held to celebrate the joyous announcement of the wedding. This ceremony is also known as a ring ceremony. This is the start of the beautiful journey of a bride and groom relationship. Once the rings are exchanged, families give sweets and gifts to each other.

2. Pre-Nuptial Blessing

This is a unique but very essential ritual in Kerala weddings. And this custom takes place just a day before the wedding. Close family and friends of the bride and groom attend this ceremony. The main motive of this ceremony is to take blessings from the elders to run their wedding life smoothly. The bride wears a ravishing silk saree, and the groom is fashioned in traditional attire.

3. Mehendi Ceremony

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The Mehendi ceremony takes place at the bride’s home. Where the bride's family, friends join this ceremony. And the bride's aunts apply henna on her hands, and all the ladies dance, so=ing songs and enjoy the ceremony. This was told from the past, Mehendi is pious for the married life of a woman as per the Hindu customs.

4. Haldi Ceremony

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This ceremony is held before the wedding. In which a paste of kumkum and haldi is applied to the face of both the groom and the bride. The ceremony is performed in the morning during the wedding day. The Haldi Ceremony is taken as a religious ceremony in the Kerala matrimony.

5. Wedding Rituals

The final and very big day for the bride and groom come. Wedding ceremonies of the Nair Wedding ( also known as “Kudivep”) are often carried out in the ancestral home of the Bride. Most families select out of booking temples or convention centers or gardens for the convenience of both the families.

6. Dakshina Kodukal

This is another beautiful custom where the bride and the groom touch the feet of their elders and take blessings just before heading for the venue. The Dakshina is indicated as a ‘shower of blessings. So, before starting other rituals they both take blessings of their elder one.

7. Mandap

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In Kerala wedding mandaps are not the same as other mandaps; many rules have to be followed to adorn the mandap of a Nair wedding. The holy setting is required as per the Hindu customs.

8. The Wedding

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Groom with his family visited the bride's place. The bride’s family welcomed the groom's family. The wedding starts with the bride’s family welcoming the groom’s family. This is the special wedding ritual of Kerala weddings where the bride's brother washes the feet of the groom and takes him to the mandap while a group of girls carries diyas in the backend. Then the bride enters with her aunts to the mandap and togetherly traditional and melodious nadaswaram plays in the background. Once, the bride and groom are seated in the mandap; the pastor starts saying his holy mantra and officially starts off the ceremony. The couple then takes seven rounds around the devoted and holy fire which is followed by the groom’s father handing over the mangal sutra to the groom which he ties around the bride’s neck. In traditional Kerala Nair weddings, this ceremony is known as “Thalikettu.”

9. Pudamuri

Pudamuri is a beautiful and loving ritual throughout which the groom gift’s his new wife a graceful silk saree with a blouse on a trim platter to show that he would take care of her with utmost sincerity and promises her that he will provide for her throughout her life.

Then couple interchange garlands which show that they have happily accepted each other and would love to live the rest of their life together. And the most heart-touching ceremony takes place; where the bride's father places her hands in the hands of the groom given it, a vow that the groom will take care of his daughter whole life with the utmost compassion, care, and love. And finally, elder family members give blessings to the newlywed.

10. Sadhya

Now comes the time to make the delicious meals prepared in the Nair Weddings. Sandhya is a variety of 25 different meals given out on the traditional plantain rice. The 25 meal course includes rice, three types of curries, some tasty pickles, and delectable sweets. Different other dishes are also served with the staple. Sadhya is a treat to the taste buds.

11. Griha Pravesh

After leaving her parents home, the bride enters her new house at a shubh muhurat selected by the priest on the wedding day. But when she leaves her parents home that movement is a very emotional movement for her and her parents and friends. Once the bride reaches her new home her mother-in-law welcomes her with aarti ki thali. And then the bride puts her right leg first and walks into home with a lamp in her hands that shows she will maintain the calmness and happiness of the house.

Well, Nair weddings are short but very enlightening events. Which some are similar to other Hindu wedding traditions, but some are unique that blow your mind. These beautiful and amazing rituals bind the bride and groom together forever.

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