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Questions to Ask During the First Meeting in an Arranged Marriage

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Questions to Ask During the First Meeting in an Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriage is an eminent way of getting married. India is known for its diversity, culture and faith. Although, when it comes to weddings in India, people still have a strong thinking concept of Endogamy. Religion and caste plays an important role in fixing arranged marriage in India.

In opposition to yesteryear, where matches were made simply on the criteria of religion, the form of arranged marriage has included over time. In the arranged marriage decision is not singly taken by the couples, in arranged marriage decisions are mostly taken by the elders of the home. Lots of Indian matrimonial sites now available to help you in finding your perfect life partner. Hobbies, interests, compatibility plays a vital role as a religion in marriages. People spend a lot of time with each other to know each other before their wedding to know their compatibility, hobbies, and about their interest.

Let’s take a complete guide to know about the questions to ask on your first arranged marriage meeting if you are about to go on one.

Try to ask questions regarding their lifestyles.

Ask about their hobbies and interests. You might think it is a very basic question to ask, a lot can be deduced from the reply you receive. If you might be met with a person with completely different interests or hobbies might be difficult to live with. Let’s take an example, if your life partner is an outgoing social person and you are an introvert who loves to enclose yourself and your immediate family, then there could be conflicts when you are together.

Here is the list of some important question that will hopefully help you in it:

1. What are their usual weekend plans?

2. How often do they go on a vacation in a year?

3. What are their food habits?

4. How important is a workout to them?

5. Would they prefer watching movies or reading books?

6.Would they mind staying away from their parents after marriage?

7. Are they a believer in simple living or a luxurious lifestyle?

You can ask regarding profession and about their career plan

This is an important question again, from both of the perspectives. It is as important for a man to know the future plans of his partner as it is important for a lady to know about her man. An extremely ambitious determined lady who is not willing to sacrifice her career post marriage definitely needs an understanding husband. Searching for such kind of husband or to be one needs a different mindset that still is rarely prevalent in Indian Scenario.

Go for these questions:

8. How important is their career to them?

9. Do they think of making a career change?

10. Would they prefer growth or stability?

11. Do they think of giving their hobbies a shape of career?

12. How important would be your career after marriage?

13. Would it be okay to top them if you earn more than them? Specifically, if you’re a female.

Religious and cultural questions.

You can also ask questions on religious and culture:

14. What are their religious beliefs?

15. Do they believe in God?

16. How open are they to other religions?

17. Do they have any friends from a religion other than theirs?

18. Do they believe in the power of prayers?

Ask questions about the family

Here is the list of questions:

19. How important is family to them?

20. What is their native place?

21. Does their family have any great cultural significance?

22. How many siblings do they have?

23. What is their relationship with each sibling?

24. Are they married or do they have any children?

25. Would the responsibility of accepting families lie entirely on you?

26. How important would the family of their partner be?

Questions related to finance.

Go for these questions

27. What is their nature of spending? Do they save more or spend lavishly?

28. How important is financial security to them?

29. What is their point of view on debt?

30. Who would be in charge of finances if you go ahead with the decision to marry?

Here are some questions that might you feel direct for a first meeting, it is fine to avoid them completely. The aim of the first meeting is to know each other and try to get the answers of your fundamental questions. Avoid those questions in which you feel uncomfortable.

But I would like to say keep your strong observation about their questions what they are asking and what those questions reveal. It is fine to read and understand indirect questions. Second meeting completely depends on the first meeting. Because you always hear that “First impression is the last impression!”.

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