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17 Things To Know About Marwari Wedding Rituals And Customs|List of Rajasthani Wedding Rituals

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

17 To Know About Marwari Wedding Rituals And Customs

Rajasthani wedding rituals are full of culture and tradition. So, Marwari has a beautiful heritage and cultural quality about them that’s worth significant about. Two-week long Marwari wedding affair is a detailed, majestic, and vibrant affair. Let’s have a look at traditional and full of custom Marwari wedding rituals and customs. Let's start marwari wedding rituals list:

Here's everything you should know about Marwari Wedding Rituals and customs– From Godh Dhana to Bidaai!

1. Sagai Ceremony

2. Ganpati Sthapana and Griha Shanti Ceremony

3. Pithi Dastoor

4. Mahira Dastoor

5. Mehfils

6. Janev

7. Palla Dastoor

8. Rajput Baraat

9. Aarti

10. Jaimala

11. Granthi Bandhan

12. Panigrahan

13. Pheras

14. Ashwahrohan

15. Bidai

16. Grihapravesh

17. Pagelagni

First, we will talk about Marwari pre-wedding rituals:

Marwari Pre-Wedding Rituals

1. Sagai:

Sagai - Marwari Wedding

This is known as the Marwari engagement ceremony. It is arranged by the groom’s family. In this ritual, tikka or tilak is applied on the groom’s forehead and he gets lots of gifts like clothes, a sword, sweets, etc. From the bride’s family side.

2. Ganpati Sthapana and Griha Shanti Ceremony:

This Rajasthani wedding custom is just performed a few days before the wedding. They do havan and pray to God Ganesh. And ask Ganesha for happiness and blessing the union of the couple.

3. Pithi Dastoor:

Haldi Ceremony

This wedding ritual is the same as other Hindu haldi ceremonies. Sandalwood and turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom and then they are not allowed to leave the home till their wedding day.

4. Mahira Dastoor:

This is another custom or ceremony. Where maternal relatives of the bride and groom give them gifts, clothes, jewelry, etc.

5. Mehfils:

This Marwari ceremony is specially held in the evening wedding. And this is arranged differently as “ladies mehfils” and “gents mehfils”. And amazing traditional dresses are worn by both gents and ladies, and they do their traditional ghoomar dance.

6. Janev:

In this groom assumes to wear saffron and do holy havan. Then he has to wear a sacred thread called Janev.

7. Palla Dastoor:

Before the wedding day, the groom's relatives take gifts for the bride at the bride's house. This ritual is known as Palla Dastoor. It includes clothes, jewelry, and other similar items that she will wear on her wedding day.

Palla Dastoor | RVD Matrimonial Services

Marwari Wedding Rituals and Customs

8. Rajput Baraat:

Same as other Hindu wedding baraats, the groom dresses up royally and climbs a horse or elephant to go to the wedding venue. Nowadays, cars are on-trend to reach the wedding venue. He holds a sword in hand and goes by the wedding parade.

9. Aarti:

After that when the groom reaches the wedding venue. He is welcomed by the bride’s mother who performed aarti. Male members of the bride's side give company to the groom.

10. Jaimala:

Jaimala - Marwari Wedding

Jaimala is almost done in every Hindu wedding. The groom is taken to the bride who has her face covered by a veil. Then they exchange the garlands which we called Jaimala and then proceed to the mandap.

11. Granthi Bandhan:

In this Marwari wedding ritual, either the priest or groom’s sister ties the bride’ pallu/chunni with the groom’s shawl/dupatta, this shows symbolizing their union and eternal knot.

12. Panigrahan:

Panigrahan - Marwari Wedding

This is a very beautiful movement, where the groom takes the bride's hand in his hand and promises to be with her whole life.

13. Pheras:

Pheras - Marwari Wedding

In this ritual, the bride and groom take the round of the holy fire. This ritual is known as “saat phere”. In a Marwari wedding, this ritual is done in something different way. Here 4 pheras are taken at the mandap. And the remaining 3 are taken at the entrance.

14. Ashwahrohan:

The Marwari wedding ritual needs the bride to put her feet on a crushed stone, this is the symbol of steadfastness. Then, the bride’s brother gives puffed rice to her sister (bride). Which she then gives the groom who put that on the sacred fire. Then he put sindoor on the bride's head.

Post-Wedding Rituals

15. Bidai:

This is an emotional moment where the bride goodbye to her parents and her parent’s home. When she departs, a coconut is put beneath the wheel of the car. Then the groom gives a piece of jewelry to his bride.

16. Grihapravesh:

This is a welcome ritual for the newlywed couples to the groom’s home. And some ritual puja takes place.

17. Pagelagni:

Next day of griha pravesh the bride is introduced to all the family members of the groom. And they all give her gifts and blessings. And funny and playful games are played between bride and groom.

I hope you liked this blog. So, what are you waiting for just find your Marwari bride and groom today!.

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