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Marathi Wedding Checklist: Rituals, Traditions & Customs for Marathi Marriage.

Updated: May 3

Maharashtrian Wedding: Rituals, Traditions & Customs for Marathi Marriage Marathi Wedding
Marathi Wedding Checklist: Rituals, Traditions & Customs for Marathi Marriage Marathi Wedding

“Simple is beautiful” is the first word that comes from your mouth while seeing a Marathi wedding. Right? Specific rituals and customs such as SakharPuda, hassle-free and simple ceremonies like Halad Chadavane and a bride dressed in a different Navari - you can easily recognize these elements to a Maharashtrian wedding. If you’re searching for ways to plan a typical Maharashtrian wedding with the Maharashtrian wedding customs being performed energetically for yourself, let us assist with a quick guide to each wedding ceremony.

The starting of all the Maharashtrian wedding rituals is the Aaple Lagna that takes place with the guidance, role and support of every member of your family, as the familial bond is a strong thread in Marathi culture. Once you send out the Lagna Patrikas, here is how you can also assimilate them into your wedding plan.

If you are planning your wedding, you certainly require a Marathi wedding checklist that is accurate and precise. So here are all the Marathi wedding customs explained for you to deep dive into the beauty of this majestic culture.

What we will discuss today? Here is the list:

1. Pre Wedding Ceremonies

  • Lagnaach Bedior

  • SakharPuda

  • Muhurt Karane

  • The Wedding Invitation

  • Kelvan

  • Halad Chadavane

2. The Wedding Rituals

  • Ganpati Puja, Devdevak and Gaurihar Puja

  • Punyavachan & Seeman Puja

  • Antarpat

  • Sankalp

  • Kanyadaan

  • Lajahoma

  • Saptapadhi

  • Karmasamapti

3. Post-wedding rituals

  • Varat

  • Grihapravesh

  • Reception

4. Maharashtrian Wedding Outfits and Jewelry

5. Things to remember in Maharashtrian Wedding

If you have decided to marry in Marathi style? All you have to do is take a quick recap at some ideas to plan a beautiful Maharashtrian wedding right here.

Pre Wedding Ceremonies