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Chhattisgarhi Pre Wedding Rituals | Chhattisgarh Marriage

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Chhattisgarhi Pre Wedding Rituals | Chhattisgarh Marriage
Chhattisgarhi Pre Wedding Rituals | Chhattisgarh Marriage

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A Chhattisgarhi wedding took 4 to 5 days to complete all the rituals. The rituals that come after the marriage shows the belief of the people of the state. Different Gods and Goddesses are praised on the day of the marriage in the house of the groom and the bride. The bride-groom should always be older than the bride. Marriages are always celebrated during the months of Magh and Phagun.

Marriage proposal

The boy’s parents and relatives go to the girl’s house with their proposal. The girl’s parents serve them a delicious meal. After that, they get seated and start talking about marriage proposals in the best possible or ideal way. In Chhattisgarh, it is a tradition to speak neither too slowly, nor in too hurry. It is called “Saga-Neti talk”. The boy’s parents keep the proposal peacefully and politely.

Sagai or Faldan

Sagai or Faldan | Chhattisgarhi Pre Wedding Rituals | Chhattisgarh Marriage

If the girl’s parents believe the proposal then a date is fixed for engagement. It is also called “Panch Piye Pindhan”. The wedding clothes and jewelry are given to the girl. It is a custom that the girl has to wear the dress presented to her by their in-laws and come to the hall where the guests are seated. It is done to represent that the girl is now in very good condition physically & mentally. After that, the date of marriage is fixed. The boy’s party has to give the pre approximated amount of rice to the girl party.

Haldi Ceremony

This ceremony is managed separately in the house of the groom and the bride. A paste of rice and urad daal is prepared. It is applied to the bodies of boys and girls. Next, they are made to take a bath. After the bath, a paste made of boiled turmeric is applied. Due to the application of the paste, the skin of the bride and groom becomes more vibrant & radiant. In addition to that a “paan leaf” is tied up on the bride’s leg. A “Kakan Maur'' is tied to the groom’s forehead. It is made of bamboo flakes & colored paper.

Fertilizing action of rain

The bridegroom’s father sends a present of a bracelet and seven small earthen cups to the bride. She is seated in the open, and seven women hold the cups over her head one above the other. Water is then poured from above from one cup into the other, each being filled in turn and the whole finally falling on the bride’s head. This probably represents the fertilizing action of rain.

Erection of Mandap

A four-pillar mandap is built which is made up of bamboo and it is covered by fabric at the top. It is the place where all rituals of marriage take place.

Feeding the Groom

On the wedding day before the Barat takes to the bride’s house the groom’s mother feeds him with gur and water. It is a ritual that the groom can’t make a meal during the wedding day.

Welcoming the Groom

In Chhattisgarh, the groom gets a warm welcome and the famous welcome song “Bharatiya Padharin” is chanted to show respect to the groom. The groom is worshiped by the priest at the welcome gate.

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