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Top 5 Myths Related to Online Matrimony Sites

Updated: Feb 15

With time, and the absence of it in our everyday lives, more and more people searching for a life partner are dawning to use the internet, more exactly, online matrimony sites to search for their ideal partner. Matrimonial sites have been most popular amongst both young marriageable adults and the middle-aged entitled population.

However, there have always been minimum common and stubborn myths around matrimony sites.

In India, many successful and reputed matrimonial sites have been more and more serving eligible brides and grooms, and an ever-increasing number of people create accounts and connect to potential partners through like bonafide and secure sites. Nevertheless, some say it’s too intricate and time-consuming a process, yet some say it’s humiliating, while some others claim that such spaces on the internet aren’t safe and teaming with spooky anonymous fake users.

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In consequence, here are the top 5 myths related to the online matrimony sites that one frequently hears from friends and family-

Myth 1:- Online Matrimony sites are a total waste of time

Even so some people like to burdensome believe that joining a matrimonial site for e-arrange marriage is a complete waste of time, effort, and money, so far the truth is in today’s fast-tracked world e-arranged matrimonial meets are less time devour compared to complicated, formal, in-person, offline arrangements. More and more Indian youth are joining matrimonial sites purely to minimize the endless hassle of a traditional matchmaking process. They can meet many profile holders within the appropriate meeting space online and take the process offline only if the preparatory results are gratifying. This turns the entire process notably less time-consuming and effortless.

Myth 2:- No one in real life ever found their spouse online

Well, maybe you don’t know them. Maybe your circle is small. But trust us, there are countless couples, not just globally, but even in India who found and married their life partner online.

Those who trust these matrimonial sites are only for young, unripe fanatics (or even players) joining the sites directly for fun and light flings with others online but not focused on searching for a life partner might be in for a surprise. While it’s true only with consideration to a small portion of particular people joining these sites, who might be not serious in their approach, yet in India, the number of serious searchers who not only search but even finally tie the knot with their potential online groom or bride is increasing by the year. The success stories of online matrimonial services can be easily verified through the site's analytics and testimonials.

It must also be calculated that one has multiple times more chances of searching for a compatible match online as compared to offline as here there is always a process for the larger community of eligible brides and grooms. The wide range of potential connections obtainable on any reputed matrimonial site is large and not limited to one’s geographic region, class, caste, ethnicity, or set social circles. That’s more so why Indian youth today are increasingly searching for success in searching for their ideal life partner even if a long-distance relationship is made possible only by the matrimonial sites.

Myth 3:- Such a profile is embarrassing for one if real-life peers and friends found out their profile

Firstly, with an increasing number of Indian youth registering for online matrimony services, the idea of awkwardness in being a part of such a growing community is an old, old-fashioned concern to be honest. But even if some still perceive complaining issues about being found out by family, friends, or social circles, the good news is most reputed sites permit varied security options through which one can easily select to hide their profile from unregistered people and people outside the site. In the days of the social site boom, thanks to Facebook, tinder, Snapchat, and Instagram, more people are growing comfortable being seen online by a larger community. This too has been breaking down this diffidence about matrimonial site membership.

Myth 4:- Matrimonial websites are filled with fake creep accounts

Again, this supposition is pretty out of date. This would have been the scenario about a decade back when matrimonial services were only beginning to make their appearance. At that phase, many flippant people with false and less than transparent agendas did indicate to create fake anonymous profiles to “just have some fun”. But a decade later, with technological evolutions and increased social site certainty norms in place, most new-age matrimonial sites today have very rigorous verification processes, robust vigilance teams, and strict rules for members and it makes it pretty durable for random fake profiles to skulk around unchecked. Such fake profiles are screened out from most reputed sites through committed and regular quality control measures. Today your chances of experiencing random, creepy fake profiles on any of the reputed nationally recognized matrimonial sites are remote.

Myth 5:- Online matrimonial sites are for older people only

Often the other first appearance is that younger people aren’t attentive in online matrimony sites and such services are chosen mostly by more former clients who have failed in searching for a good match due to age and other factors, by the traditional offline method working via the family pastor or social network in the real world. However, a quick survey of these sites will reveal that online matrimonial services work best for the younger population who are at their most permitted, marriageable age, receive interests and responses from probable profiles faster and on more noteworthy numbers.

It is purely a preconception to presume that e-arrange marriage is only for the so-called minimal eligible population, or just for the older people, divorced or widowers. Many young appropriate grooms and brides regularly search for their life partner at the prime of their youth through online matrimonial sites.

In the end, myths can be many. Only when you search on the online matrimonial sites can you be sure of the idleness of these myths. So if you’re searching for a prospective bride or groom, then do select to register with a reputed matrimony site and experience the process first hand.

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