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Importance and Values of Kundali Matching in an Indian Matrimony

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Kundali Matching one of the important parts of Indian weddings. This is the step after both the families agree. This step is taken as holy in the Indian matrimony and where they match the horoscopes and check the astrological compatibility of the bride and groom. Actually, Kundali matching plays an important role in marriage.

This is taken a mandatory part in the Indian wedding for many ages. This ritual is coming from our ancestors. When the astrological birth charts “Kundalis” match, with all the “yogas” and the “doshas” the main purpose of matching Kundali is prospective bride and groom will live happy marriage life, satisfactory, and peaceful life can be check.

Let’s go in deep to more about this interesting and unique ritual and its importance in Vedic astrology.

The Basic Requirement:

While comparing the horoscope of the girl and boy “36 Gunas” are

Whilst comparing the horoscopes of the Bride and the Groom, “36 Gunas” are reviewed to judge the similarity and compatibility between the couple. That’s why Kundali Matching is also called Guna Milan. There are a particular number of points that are checked to predict marriage life. These points are called Ashta Koot and are given as follows:

Nadi: 8 Points: These eight kootas of Kundali Milan take a total of 36 points/ Gunas, in which Nadi koota take 8 pints, the maximum points given to any of these eight kootas of Kundali Milan. This shows the great importance of Nadi koota for determining a match for happy married life.

Bhakoot: 7 Points: If the bride and groom both relate to the same sign or from different zodiac signs with the same ruling planet, then the match is taken as the most preferable one. It shows a high compatibility rate. 7 is the maximum point that Bhakoot obtains and it is scored only when the lords of both the partners relate to the same sign.

Gana: 6 Points: This is the 6th: Gana Koota is the 6th feature in the Ashtakoota Milan system of Kundli Matching. It helps evaluate the temperament similarity between partners, and the characteristic traits of the partners looking to get married. Vedic Astrology says, there are 3 Ganas, that is; Deva (Which means Divine), Manuj/ Manushya (which means Human), and Rakshas (which means Demon). These Ganas determine the nature and temperaments of the nakshatras connecting to it. Individuals belonging to Deva Gana are considered to be simple, yet witty. They are deep thinkers and often participate in philanthropy.

Individuals belonging to Manuj Gana are appraised to be gentle and tender and often obtain the most wealth. On the other hand, individuals belonging to Rakshas Gana think as to be foul-tempered and stubborn, which often results in them getting into fights with people around them.

Maitri: 5 Points: Graha Maitri Koot carries 5 points in Gun Milan. Graha Maitri is also known as Planetary friendship. Different points are assigned for Graha Maitri go with, based on how the lords of the Moon sign the boy and girl match with each other; according to the rules of Gun Milaan.

Yoni: 4 Points: If the birth nakshatra animal of a male is the same as the birth nakshatra animal of a female, 4 out of 4 points are allocated for the Yoni match.

Tara: 3 Points: Tara Koot carries 3 points or Gunas in the system of Gun Milaan. A different number of points are assigned for Tara matching, based on how the Taras of the male and female match with each other; according to the rules of Gun Milaan.

Vasya: 2 Points: According to the horoscope, suitability, or quarrel in a relationship depend upon the nature of signs. When an affable relationship is formed among the signs of the bride and groom then Vasya gets two points, that go best on marriage. When Vasya is not compatible it gets just 1 point which is taken as normal.

Varna: 1 Point: In the Gun Milaan, the koot (aspect) of Varna brings 1 point and the koot of Vashya brings 2 points.

Together, these are the critical 36 Gunas that are taken into deliberation.

All these things come around the basics of a happy and fulfilling life such as mental compatibility, Mangalik dosh, the lastingness of the relationship, like amenable, children, sexual interests, and health. It is said that 18 Gunas are mandated to match. Only then marriage is gone ahead of.

The Importance of Gunas:

A person’s horoscope and his birth chart that is his Kundali says a lot about that person’s life. It evolves his past, present, and future and his attitude and personality as well. The birth chart is helpful to know the planets and their movements. Which says a lot about a person’s nature and known to impact the relationship up to a great extent. First gunas are matching in the Kundali and then the couple’s compatibility is calculated. This gives an overview of the family members about the future life of both bride and groom together and what will be the destiny of their marriage.

The Importance of Kundali Matching in an Indian Matrimony:

The conception of Kundali matching generally flourish in India and is taken gravely in Indian matrimony. That this is the main purpose of the Kundali matching is to ensure a joyous and thriving married life. And the feature that raises the decision-making process is the matching of at least 18 gunas out of 36. But 36 out of 18 must need to match, this is the basic requirement, where 26 gunas match is taken as the best match.

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