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15 Hindu Wedding Ceremony Traditions You Will Definitely Love

Updated: Feb 15

Hindu Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is the occasion of love, commitment, and celebration of religion and culture. One such ceremony is the Hindu wedding ceremony. Hindu wedding culture joins two souls spiritually, mentally, and physically. Actually in Indian marriage is not only about two couples, it joins two families together. In the modern era, this is more obvious as a wedding lies between the couple’s expectations while combining their family traditions. With most of the rituals and small ceremonies to big ceremony, it joins both couples and families forever.

Hindu weddings are very colorful, spiritual, tangled- planned, cultural festivals full of tradition and celebration. You went as a guest, as a member, or just simply curious about to know. There are some Hindu wedding ceremony rituals and traditions you should know. Let’s start

1. The wedding date is determined in the stars

Before the wedding, a propitious date which is basically known as muhurta is fixed for the event. Pandit Ji determines that actually how many qualities of the bride and groom are matched using the couple’s date of birth, they calculate the position of the planets and stars to reflect the celestial union of the couple. At the time of the ceremony, the gotra of both the couples is announced. What exactly the gotra is, it is the ancestral lineage or the ancestors’ original clan. According to Hindu law, marriages should not take place within the same clan.

2. There's a Pre-Party Called the Sangeet a Few Days Before the Wedding

Before the big wedding ceremony, there is a pre-party called the Sangeet. Where family come together to sing, dance, and revel in the joy of the upcoming union. They do some special performances. The bridal family sings traditional songs to welcome the groom.

3. Mehndi Ceremony

Bride’s hands and feet decorated with Heena. This function took place at the time of the Sangeet or after the Sangeet. There is a belief in the Hindu wedding ceremony first is the darker the mehndi the more mother-in-law fond of her daughter-in-law. And the second thing is that the more the darker mehndi the stronger the marriage will be mand the more husband loves her wife. But nowadays mostly Heena is applied to decorate the bride’s hand. And one more interesting fact is their groom’s name will be hidden in the mehndi and groom have to find his name in the bride’s hand. Actually, this is a very interesting and funny task. Where the groom’s patience has been checked. Mehndi ceremony took place one day before the wedding. Brides close family members and friends take place.

4. Bride Wears Red Dress

According to Indian rituals bride always wear a red dress. Like Sari or something modern lehenga. It looks so beautiful with beautiful patterns, rich in color, and with gold embroidery.

5. The Groom’s Arrival is a Celebration in Itself

Groom then arrives at the bride’s place or the wedding place. Which is known as Vara yatra or Barat. This is celebrated with great joy. And the bride’s family welcomes the groom and its family to the wedding hall. They sang traditional songs to welcome the groom. This is one of the important and enjoyable parts of the wedding it is such as fun experience with music and dance. The groom party is welcomed with a special rice toss, known as akshat and arati.

6. The Father of the Bride Gives Her Away

The bride will be