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These Important Questions Father should ask his Future Son-In-Law

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

This is right when a couple is happy with their conclusion of tying the knot and they start imagining their life together, obviously they start getting nervous. And what exactly is that nervousness? The nervousness to challenge her father and answer their questions!

Fathers never fail to obey in fulfillment of promises of their daughters – to protect them – am I right? So, ladies, one way to know if he’s really ‘The One’ who has the same qualities! Meeting with a girl's father is a declining age technique and it always gives 100% clear results. So, today I would like to share with you some main questions a father-in-law asks his future son-in-law.

That being said, let us discuss questions a father-in-law generally asks his future son-in-law. Guys! Are you ready!

1. Are you ready to wed my daughter?

It is a very clear and straight question. And it is simple, it needs a very clear answer. Right?

It’s a straightforward question. And the fact that it needs a straight answer cannot be denied. Or to be error-free, shouldn’t be denied. It’s fathers after all. You don’t want to take the risk, would you?

Asking this question, the daughter's father only tries to gain clarity on whether his prospective son-in-law would or would not be able to gear the challenges life throws their way. The son-in-law needs to answer this question in this way that he realizes that marriage means a commitment to live and is a huge decision. Obviously, the answer must be with the utmost honesty and sincerity. If you feel it really, it will be seen.

2. Why do you want to wed my daughter?

This question may be asked to you a lot of the time but this time it has some different importance, the answer must be solid. At least it should be as strong as convincing yourself. The father-in-law looks for the answer to be beyond all the external aspects. Answers should be real, right from the very basics to the deep and beautiful ones. Don’t forget, it isn’t about dating. It’s about getting married!

3. What are your financial goals?

As we know love is the oxygen to any relationship but hey, when a relationship is going towards marriage, practicality plays a very important role. The father-in-law wants to know what you are thinking, what you think about family home and all. If his future son-in-law can build a home and thus, a family. Actually, a father-in-law never wants his little girl to compromise or suffer for anything (unrealistic but that’s how fathers are) and by asking this, he wants to check if his future son-in-law is a ‘family person’ or not.

4. How do you solve a conflict/fight?

The daughter’s father wants to see whether his daughter is safe or not. He never sees her get hurt, emotionally and physically, and wants to see the maturity level of his son-in-law. They are going “to-be husband and wife” a heads up that every day in a marriage is not a fairy tale. Life happens and ups and downs are obvious in life. In spite of the odds, can they run to deal with everything that comes along and live life together?

5. Will you always be there with her and for her?

And with this, the father-in-law means everything! At the time from taking her to shop to comforting her throughout lows, from her life ambitions to motivating her and right from putting up with her unpredictable behavior to understanding and loving her tirelessly. And here’s a tip for all the future sons-in-law: He wouldn’t settle with a “Yes”.

So, there you go. These are some questions that fathers-in-law should ask their future son-in-law. But, don’t stop with only these. A father’s love is unconditional, pure, and brave. He wouldn’t give up until his heart is satisfied. After all, he’ll be giving his princess to someone. How could he settle for less or mediocre?

RVD Matrimony realizes or understands the insecurity fathers feel at this moment. Thus, we’ve provided a platform that ensures transparency and develops honesty.


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