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India's Top 7 wedding Trends Use in Marriages [2023]

A wedding joins together two people who shared the same cultural beliefs as children. Singles and their families also want everything about their wedding to be flawless. It resembles a three to four day extravaganza where close friends and family gather to spend and create Most trusted matrimonial site memories with you.

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1) Selecting a Wedding Destination is Popular:

When celebrating their wedding in proximity to expansive views, couples are more inclined to travel to faraway places. Many famous people are adopting this trend and getting the ideal photos taken. A popular Indian wedding destination includes Goa, Jaipur, and Udaipur. For an international environment, choose Bali, Abu Dhabi, or Thailand.

2) Pre and Post-Wedding Shoots:

Evening pre- and post-wedding photoshoots are popular among couples. This type of attire is growing more and more fashionable. Couples take in the fresh air and spend precious moments together while having their beautiful romantic and unforgettable pictures taken in the natural light.

3) OTT Décor Pieces:

Going trendy with excessive and extravagant décor items will make your home appear to be Alice in Wonderland. Depending on what you like, you can have the interior design changed.

4) Regional wedding dress brands included:

Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi are household names when it comes to bridal clothing, thereby but they are not accessible to everyone. Thanks to the regional bridalwear enterprises that are more accessible and respected budgets of customers. The smaller labels draw brides' attention.

5) Spontaneous and Natural-Looking Photographs:

The days of capturing pictures of couples after the wedding ceremony are long gone. As it emphasizes on spontaneous and natural soft lighting moments straight from the mandap, the airy and exceptional style of photography has recently become more and more well-liked. Photographers are now producing editorial-style wedding albums which place greater importance on genuineness and imperfections.

6) Urli Set for Haldi Ceremony:

The best element in Haldi ceremonies that is catching everyone's eye is urli. The bride and/or groom are able to relax in an extensive clay or metal bowl in this setting.

7) Authentic Wedding Makeup:

Nowadays brides prefer their natural looks over full-glam and over-the-top cosmetics to wear during the wedding ceremonies.

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